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arkansas alligator farm
attraction in Hot Springs.The alligator farm was founded in 1902 by Mr. H.L.Campbell and sold to Mr. Donny S.
Older between the years of 1902 and 1929. It was known as the Hot Springs " Gator " Farm with over 1500
alligator Missippians and a small museum.

The Alligator Farm was started because of the need for some type of tourist attraction due to the great  influx of
people who at this time came to take the Hot Thermal Baths,and there were no attractions other than the natural
resources. The reasoning behind the origination of the Alligator Farm was due to the fact that the alligators are
native and are found in South Arkansas between Hope and Texarkana in an area known as Grassy Lake.

In 1945, the farm was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bridges, Sr., and the name became The Arkansas Alligator
Farm with the addition of other animals such as monkeys, raccoons, big logger-head turtles, and a gift shop.In
1965, the farm was purchased by Jack Bridges, Jr. and his wife Sue who presently operate the attraction with
many added attractions such as a petting zoo with whitetail deer, ostrich, llamas, fallow deer, rheas, sheep, and
pygmy goats. Feed is furnished to feed animals. There are also raccoons,albino raccoon, several types of
primates, Arkansas mt. lions,  wild ducks,  other fowl, and a small museum. You can also pet a real live alligator
with the help of a highly trained alligator farm employee.

our alligator feed show starts in May and ends when the temp. drops  due to the alligators being reptiles. This is
usually around the middle of Oct. The shows are every Thursday, Saturday, and Sundays at 12:00 noon . We
are open everyday except Christmas Day." It's a very good chance your Great Grandparents visited the farm,it
is truly the oldest show places in Hot Springs."